Friday, September 3, 2010

leeches n things

we hiked up to the koma hot spring it was 4 hours up 2ish hours down and i had a panic attack right in the middle. there wasn't a set marked trail so i was feeling very lost. it was also really hot and humid and i wasn't used to that yet so i didn't prepare by drionking enough water. my legs were shaking and i really though i wasn't going to make it back.everything here is wet and muddy because it's monsoon season, we were facing steep up and downs at high altitude. we were also in a constant battle with leeches and nettles. the leeches would climb up your shoes and get in them, one got under my foot and is smooshed in my shoe. when they bite you they inject the wound with an anticoagulant so when you rip them off you just keep bleeding, i have about 10 bites and only two of them were really bad. our guide is allergic so his were 10000 times worse than mine. so after being super tired and getting frustrated with leeches i was well on my way to a break down. the final straw was when i slid down a little bit of the trail straight onto nettles and got them on my butt and hands and legs. The weird thing was that i was so weak and upset, and i was so upset that i was weak and upset it made it worse. i was soooo happy to soak my bites in the hot spring 34 celcius and recover. the way back was a little uphill but mostly down. i had never been so happy to have a pepsi and sit in the car with the window down.
this is a marijuana plant. they're everywhere.
The dog shown followed us throughout the whole uphill and then left when we found the spring. i think she was an angel because she looks just like a dog i dog sat named sheila and the familiar face kept me going.

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