Wednesday, September 15, 2010

stay tuned

stay tuned for the sequel..


last dzong

so after busting ass to get to the tigers nest dorji asks if i'd like to do just a wee bit more walking to the dzong that once burnt down and they never fixed it and i said why not.

Tigers nest

YUP we're headed up there on foot!
my excuse to stop again to catch my breath...
stilllllll so far
there is a cave in the rock that guru rimpoche spent time meditating. he is said to have arrived in bhutan flying on the back of a white tiger. the white tiger was his consort who had been shifted into a tiger
this is a little bit below the nest in the crack so if you follow the shrubs on the right that is the path directly below the tigers nest. this is where his consort (who was at one time in the shape of a tiger) is said to have meditated.
bhutan has the most beautiful insects.

sad day :(

I had to say goodbye to Matt, Sonam and Tsering on the 3rd of September. It was a really strange feeling. we had been going going going for two and a half weeks living in close quarters and finding ways through landslides. It felt so wrong and empty without them. I met my new guide Dorji that morning, i felt  bad because i did not want to see anyone at all nor could he compare to my last two weeks with sonam and tsering. He ended up being a really cool guy and spoke excellent english. He took me around thimpu and then I had to go upstairs and be sad for myself. Womp womp.

Weekend market
the four friends statue at the art college
Golf Course
Takin: a high Himalaya animal thats classified as a goat-antelope. it has unnatural looking long front legs that they lean on when they're grazing. they are the silliest of animals 
cereal/puffed rice section. there was a salted fish section too but i was trying to power walk out of that one

Gangtey Dzong

Sunday, September 5, 2010

crane valley: gangty

these kids go to red boot school, there is a blue boot school on the other end of the valley.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


tsering climbing a persimmon tree
tsering making buckwheat noodles in an old press
a street lined with marijuana